On 15th August 2024 students at our partner schools will find out the grades they’ve been awarded from their Level 3 studies. It’s a critical time for young people to take their next steps on the path to future employment. But that path can change overnight for students who get grades they weren’t expecting.

By volunteering as a Results Day Advisor you can help us support young people to navigate the uncertainty they may be facing.

Young people like Tanzeela who was supported by Tom, a MyBigCareer volunteer, on Results Day last year.

Tanzeela’s Story

Tanzeela's story

“I was mind blank, didn’t know what to do. I told Tom, the volunteer advisor, that I wanted to go to Uni. He talked me through the options as I didn’t have anyone to talk to in my family. Listening to Tom was the best decision I made. MyBigCareer is helping young people like me really know what they want to do.”

On Results Day our volunteers provide encouragement and advice for underrepresented students who may not have the resources, confidence or contacts they need for their next step.

If you would like to volunteer, we’d love to have you on board!

You’ll need to be comfortable talking and listening to young people, showing compassion and positivity to students who might be worried and upset. We also ask that you are able to commit to attending a school in central London or North East England from 08.00 until 14.00 on August 15th. You must also attend an online training session and orientation with our team.

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