We have supported over 50 schools serving the most disadvantaged communities in London and the North East of England to enhance their provision of Careers Education Advice Information and Guidance, and more schools are getting involved every term. 

100% of the schools’ Career Leads we have supported would recommend MyBigCareer’s programme to other schools. 

If it were not for MyBigCareer we wouldn’t be able to offer the level of 1:1 support recommended by the Department for Education.

Careers Lead, UCL Academy, Camden

Many of our students don’t have the personal connections and access to opportunities they need to inspire them. They respond so positively to role models from the working world to raise their aspirations and help them identify future goals.

Careers Lead, Benfield School, Newcastle

Students were supported emotionally and practically by MyBigCareer volunteers with informed guidance. It was vital assistance to our Careers Lead. All of the students who arrived feeling anxious and uncertain left happier with their further education choices.

Careers Lead, Stoke Newington School, Hackney