MyBigCareer volunteers are a remarkable group of people, passionate about supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and breaking down barriers to social mobility.

I feel well-supported by the MyBigCareer team and have had the chance to support young people by offering virtual career advice and guidance. It feels good to be involved. MyBigCareer is one of the first charities I’ve volunteered for that really nurtures and trains their volunteer community. 

Kiren, Volunteer Career Coach

MyBigCareer’s programmes are important because if young people do not have good role models it can have lasting impacts. Often pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds do not have the same opportunities, but it’s important to emphasise to them that they can be aspirational. Guiding people from a young age is paramount. If you do not develop discipline and curiosity from this point, it becomes increasingly difficult to perform well in education and to find fulfilling employment.

Nikos, Volunteer Career Coach

MyBigCareer programmes are really important because young people learn they have options. Growing up in a disadvantaged background, I had no idea the job I’m in now even existed. My background, upbringing and circumstances have shaped me to strive for what I’m passionate about. As a young person I felt like I was behind my friends. I used to compare my journey to theirs, without valuing what each “delay” was teaching me. As I got older, I understood that everyones’ journeys are not the same. I’m grateful for every “delay”. 

Tayo, Volunteer Career Coach

Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds can be more likely to feel excluded, thinking “people like me don’t go there or do this.” Career Coaching is important to foster their self-belief from an early stage. They visibly gain confidence, recognising that they are already addressing some employability skills and can develop others by undertaking research or extending their horizons in other ways.

Philip, Volunteer Career Coach

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